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Striders Tackle 10k/Half and Marathon in Palma De Mallora

Race Results – W/C 8th October 2018

A Selection of Striders Post Race, Savouring the Atomic Atmosphere.

The St Helens Striders are not your average running club! 34 athletes made the trip to Palma De Mallorca. An inclusive body of runners that have inspired great friendships. The Striders welcome those who wish to get involved for a truly unique experience!

7000 athletes from across the globe took part in the 3 varying distances. In the Palma 10k Gary Eccleston was the first Strider to cross the line in 55:35. There too were great efforts from Zoe and Mark Fillingham, Jackie and John Dobson. Brenda Carrier and Sue Burke supported one another all the way completing the course in 1:24. Nicola Donovan finished in 58:34.

In the Palma Half Marathon Jon-Jo Doherty came home in 8th place overall in 1:16:50. David Navis never gave up, and although the heat took its toll he finished strongly in 1:55:52. Mark Carrier after 8 months of injury came back strong to succeed all expectations in 2:01:45. Peter Bennett applied himself well, finishing strongly in 2:09:32. Colin Wilson and Jane Marshall forged a great partnership which saw them hold out to the finish line.

Palma Cathedral situated in the Background Palma Cathedral situated in the Background

Paul Booth took on the Palma Marathon, he’s well known for his endurance abilities and his never say die attitude, and with avid determination secured a time of 4:01:39.

Paul Booth Expressing the joy of his success

Hamilton success in Helvellyn 15k Trail

Kelly Hamilton again inspired her fellow teammates finishing as third lady overall. She dug in and at one point fell flat on her face and lost her shoe! Rachel Fairclough by no means a stick in the mud, and after recently giving birth to her first child decided that this was the race to make her comeback! She excelled brilliantly running alongside her husband Peter, and moves into the cross country season with even greater determination. Mark Hamilton stuck to his guns producing arguably his best performance of late. He managed to pass quite a number of athletes just before the final straight!

A wonderful picture of Togetherness at Helvellyn

Tony Dagnall smashed his personal best in the Manchester Half Marathon in 1:40:37. Lynda Butchard made further ground, and by improving on a seasons best by over 7 minutes, securing 2 hours 17 minutes. Scott Barlow can now be seen as a force to be reckoned with, securing further progress in 1:40:41. Tom Chadwick dazzled with an impressive display, destroying his previous best by over 9 minutes in 1:34:14. And finally Joe Weaver also delivered, with a stunning improvement in 1:32:08.

Tony ‘Daggers’ Dagnall in Full Flow

In the Alder Hey 10k Jenny Martin redoubled her efforts, and with unrivalled discipline won 1st veteran prize over 35! Eric Ranson, Gillian Kelly and Kevin Cairns also impressed showing great fortitude and exacting team spirit. And elsewhere in the Tatton Park 10k, Kerry Riley romped home with a new personal best 53:41, her longstanding teammate Katie Taggart was with her every step of the way in 53:37.

Chums Katie Taggart left with Kerry Riley right.

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Race Results – W/C 10th September 2018

It was another weekend of successes both at home and abroad for St. Helens Striders. The EHM Festival in nearby Warrington produced a string of fine performances across three tough courses, despite the inclement weather conditions.

In the 5km race, Martin Ballard secured an impressive top 10 finish in a time of 20:51. In the 10km event, Zoe Fillingham set a 2nd PB in as many weeks coming home in 57:52. There were also new PBs for Gary Eccleston (53:47) and Nicky Donovan (53:08). Daniel Tetlow (44:14) and Susan Kerfoot (47:22) also produced performances of note. Kelly Hamilton adopted the role of 45-minute pacer to push competitors to their target time and did so in typically enthusiastic fashion.

The main event, the half marathon, saw PBs tumble with impressive regularity. Chris Reid crossed the finish line at the historic Golden Gates in a blistering 1:36 to secure a new best at the 13.1-mile distance. Anthony Ellis was hot on his heels with his own PB of 1:37 while Karl Bowles, in his first outing in the red and black, showed his promise with a superb time of 1:40. Tony Horsfall continued his fine form, crossing the line in 1:43; a time matched by the indefatigable Claire Scott. Kevin Winstanley continued his comeback trail with a determined 2:23, taking 20 minutes off his previous half marathon time. After a 4-year hiatus at this distance, Steve Conway delighted his admirers with a dogged 2:17. There were astounding improvements from both Jane Marshall, who lowered her previous best by 4 minutes in setting a time of 2:05, and Colin Wilson, who celebrated his recent ‘Strider of the Month’ award with a breath-taking 8-minute PB of 1:43.

The intrepid Katie Taggart and Pete Medlicott formed a squadron to fly to Berlin to take part in the city’s marathon. It was a historic day as Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge demolished the marathon World Record on the streets of the handsome German capital. Equally impressive, however, was Medlicott’s first sub-4-hour clocking over 26.2 miles at the 11th attempt. He avoided hitting the wall and blazed through the finish line at the iconic Brandenburg Gate in 3:56. Taggart also completed the course, taking the opportunity to savour the sights as she cantered with consummate ease to the applause of the exuberant German crowds.

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Race Results – W/C 3rd September 2018

Strider Doherty’s Dream Trail Double

Team Prize; from left to right with Run Geek’s Mathew Crehan, Jon-Jo Doherty, Daniel Cheetham and Peter Fairclough.

St Helens Sutton AC put on a fabulous two part event, with Mathew Crehan’s Run Geek as the main Sponsor. It was the 5k first with Jon-Jo Doherty scooping the main prize. The Striders also gained Team Prize with Ann Johnson and Mark Fillingham. Doherty followed up his victory with another powerhouse performance in the 10k. And again the Striders gained Team prize with Peter Fairclough and Daniel Cheetham.

It became a St Helens Striders clean sweep!

Team Prize; From left to right with Jon-Jo Doherty, Ann Johnson and Mark Fillingham
Team Prize; From left to right with Jon-Jo Doherty, Ann Johnson and Mark Fillingham

In the previous mornings Halewood 5k there were PB’s for Mark and Zoe Fillingham 23:52 and 28:11 respectively. An impressive first sub 20min 5k for Anthony Ellis with 19:44. Darren Eckersley returned to the fray with 20:53. Jon-Jo Doherty regained his club record with a time of 16:10, and first Lady whizz kid Kelly Hamilton scored 19:07. Nicky Donovan enjoyed a PB with 25:36, and her very much devoted Gary Eccleston pushed her on with a time of 25:10.

A team photo which encapsulates the Strider team spirit!
A team photo which encapsulates the Strider team spirit!

In Lancaster on Friday evening, rookie Kane Green on his first official outing for the Striders established himself as a force to be reckoned with! He created a New Club Record, and that although short lived was nonetheless magnificent in a time of 16:18.

Rookie Kane Green on his phenomenal debut!
Rookie Kane Green on his phenomenal debut!

The Clwydian 15 Mile Race praised for its variety and scenic challenging nature, involves a considerable ascent at just a touch over 3600 feet. But It was never going to stop Striders front man Ian Wright, who secured himself 7th place with an heroic effort of significant importance.

In the Trafford 10k Sian Maguire delighted her sister Kylie with a PB of 49:43. Kylie finished well with a time of 44:28. Also in the La Manga 7k Carol Foster finished 3rd Lady in the veterans category. This event is held in Spain, within the region of Murcia and travels through luscious rolling green lawns and hillside lakes.

More Strider team Spirit before the Dream Trail!
More Strider team Spirit before the Dream Trail!

The South Cheshire 20 miler: this race which has always been avidly supported, contains hilly terrain that borders country lanes and picturesque scenery. David Briscoe, Sharon O’Connell, Joanne Jackson and Neil Hunter raised their game to new heights, and working as a team they produced an all round display of camaraderie and jovial wonder.

From left to right; Stalwarts Neil Hunter, Sharon O'Connel, David Briscoe and Joanne Jackson. (At The South Cheshire 20 Miler)
From left to right; Stalwarts Neil Hunter, Sharon O’Connel, David Briscoe and Joanne Jackson. (At The South Cheshire 20 Miler)

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Race Results – W/C 6th August 2018

Local Leigh 10k inspires Huge Strider Turnout

Local Leigh 10k inspires Huge Strider Turnout

In the Leigh 10k the Striders were a force worth reckoning: Jon-Jo Doherty led his teammates home in 34:30 finishing in 5th place. Eric Ranson came next, with rapturous support from his fond sweetheart ‘Shazbat’, finishing in 42:13. Tony ‘Daggers’ Dagnall determined himself and produced yet more magic with a time of 45:26. And Rebecca McKenna was also on the score sheet with a seasons best of 57:33.

But it was the Striders towering figure of Peter ‘Pan’ Teeling who stole the show! Undoubtedly a legend amongst his Strider cohorts he mustered a very special Personal Best of 46:11. When asked about his contribution he commented; ‘the dedication and striving coupled with the camaraderie has helped add to my overall success this year’.

Striders out in Force at the Leigh 10k
Striders out in Force at the Leigh 10k

And the longest time served Strider John Lingard, with his outstanding knowledge of the clubs history, his unreserved loyalty and continued efforts, valiantly finished in 49:57.

Whilst out on his holidays the ever jovial and enthusiastic Les Abbott, astonishingly decided on the off chance to take on a race in the mountains of Switzerland! And delighting his beloved wife he finished 2nd in his age category. Racing in tough conditions, 1233 meters above sea level at Wengen in Switzerland, the race started in the town and took on tough mountainous trails.

Les Abbott and his Remarkable Success Story in the Abendlauf Wengen 7.7k
Les Abbott and his Remarkable Success Story in the Abendlauf Wengen 7.7k

In the Tatton Park 10k Brenda Cahill in cruise control adopted a strategic approach of attack. She never let up, securing a time of 51:42. It is known as a fast course and the event is held within the beautiful grounds of Tatton Park in Cheshire.

Brenda 'the colossal' Cahill
Brenda ‘the colossal’ Cahill

And finally Adam Pointon took on the Dublin Half Marathon.

In 1:49:29 the young whipper snapper goes from strength to strength!

On the 'Rocky Road to Dublin', Adam Pointon
On the ‘Rocky Road to Dublin’, Adam Pointon

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Cybi Striders Success Story

Race Results – W/C 30th July 2018

In the first-ever Cybi Coastal Marathon, which took place on Saturday circumnavigating Ynys Cybi on the Welsh national coastal footpath, and also Anglesey coastal path: Katie Taggart and Pete Medlicott harvested breathtaking scenery in wondrous weather. It was feverishly hot though and with tactical bargaining Katie managed to push her longstanding Strider running partner Pete to the finish in 7:02:34

Katie Taggart and Pete Medlicott at the 1st ever Cybi Coastal Marathon
Katie Taggart and Pete Medlicott at the 1st ever Cybi Coastal Marathon in Holyhead Around Holy Island, Anglesey.

Aspirations are for the Cybi Coastal to establish itself as one of the most scenic marathons in the UK. Katie and Pete were fortunate as a limit of 200 entrants were allowed.

In the Sale 5k Sizzler on Thursday evening, Clare Pickavance with her charm and wit decidedly pushed forth with increasing ingenuity reaching another milestone with 24:36. Ste Pickavance her good husband jovially questioned her performance as she has now pushed ahead of him in recent time calculations.

Congratulations, Jackie Dobson and Christine Humphrey, both towering legends of the Strider force. These two delights completed their 100th Parkrun; and to rapturous support. They have frequently given up their time for this event, and continue to make a stirring difference in the local community.

On the left Christine Humphrey with Jackie Dobson
On the left Christine Humphrey with Jackie Dobson

It was a week to remember for the enthusiastic and jovial Frank Mcalister; his adoring followers and the renowned ‘Strider Handicap’. Frank who is a honorary member and was an integral part of the early Strider period, puts on a session which allows all members to inclusively race together with a spirit of togetherness and comradeship.

A picture of togetherness at Monday evenings Strider Handicap
A picture of togetherness at Monday evenings Strider Handicap

Two Striders tackled the Peak Skyline 25k: held in the Peak District in one of the most popular National Parks in the UK, split into the White and Dark Peak areas. White Peak for Limestone, Dark Peak for Gritstone. This Peak District Skyline takes place in the White Peak area, but the course crosses its fair share of gritstone and moorland.

The Striders enjoyed a double success with Scott ‘the Rocket Robertson’ finishing in second place overall, shortly followed by his longstanding teammate Ian Wright in 6th place. They took on the gritstone and moorland with heroic efforts.

Scott 'the Rocket Robertson' after his success at the Peak Skyline 25k
Scott ‘the Rocket Robertson’ after his success at the Peak Skyline 25k

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Race Results – 28th & 29th July 2018

Fresh from last week’s test of strength and endurance where she competed seven marathons in 7 days, Strider Collette Flaherty was out again this weekend at the Lakeland Ultra where she ran an incredible 50 miles in 13hrs54. The mental and physical challenge of completing an ultra race cannot be underestimated and Flaherty, finishing this race in such an excellent time after her week of marathons deserves the highest of recognition. Long standing Strider member and fell running expert Kevin Brennan also completed the 50 miler in an exceptional time of 11hrs16. He described the conditions as particularly challenging with runners facing driving winds, heavy rain, thunder storms and even a bout of vicious hailstone.

The Lakeland Ultra can be completed as a 50 mile race or a 100 mile race and Gary Spriggs chose the 100 mile option. This race is widely considered to be the hardest single-stage foot race in the UK. Spriggs ran through two nights in awful conditions to finish the race in an astonishing 38hrs35 – an absolutely phenomenal achievement.

At the other end of the distance spectrum, many members ran in the Seaside 5km race at the Wirral on Wednesday evening. Kelly Hamilton continued her incredible Grand-Prix season coming in at 19.44 as 3rd Female. Scott Robinson was 1st Strider past the finish line in 19.05. Jenny Martin was delighted to finish in a personal best time of 23.52. With only one race left to run in the Merseyside Grand-Prix, Strider ladies are currently in third place.

Kevin Brennan looking fresh after completing a 50 mile run
Kevin Brennan looking fresh after completing a 50 mile run

Collette Flaherty proudly displays her 50 mile medal
Collette Flaherty proudly displays her 50 mile medal

Striders at the sunny Wirral Seaside 5k race
Striders at the sunny Wirral Seaside 5k race

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Race Results – 21st & 22nd July 2018

Booth shows Iron determination

The week both began and ended in spectacular style for the St Helens Striders as Paul Booth became an Iron Man and over 30 members completed the Conti Thunder Run.

After months of following an intensive and highly scientific training plan, Strider Paul Booth competed in Bolton’s Iron Man event. Widely renowned as one of the toughest Iron Man events in the world , the course is extremely hilly yet Paul was able to complete a 2.4 mile open water swim, a 95 mile bike ride followed by a whole marathon in under 12 hours. Paul was supported by a band of fellow Striders and proud girlfriend Nicola who admitted she was most relieved when he finished the swim as several competitors had to drop out of the race at this point. Paul’s dedication to the cause is such that when he needed to do a run but was looking after his young daughter Rosie, he literally ran a half-marathon by going back and forth doing laps of his back garden! This is an extreme event so to even finish, let alone achieve a time of under 12 hours is phenomenal.

The week finished with the Conti 24 hour Thunder Run. The idea of which is that teams of runners take part in a gruelling 24 hour relay where one member completes a 10km loop then passes the baton over to another team mate which continues over a 24 hour period. The course is a highly technical trail course with treacherous paths and steep hills throughout. This made running throughout the night in particular a nerve-wracking, sleep-depriving yet exhilarating experience. All teams produced some absolutely stand out performances with members completing an average 3-5 laps each. That’s 30-50km each in a 24 hours period with virtually no sleep. Team Speed Queens (Daniel Cheetham, Emma Callery, David Wilson, Anthony Ellis and Lisa Cheers) finished the event in 15th place after completing a staggering 26 laps with Cheetham completing 6 laps (60km equalling the club record for this event). Paul Brown showed true grit by carrying on to complete a 5th lap after the point teams that were allowed to finish. Member David Brisco described this event as his toughest challenge yet – a sentiment echoed by the majority of the Striders who took part.

In other events, Jon-Jo Doherty, who also completed 5 laps at Thunder Run, equalled the club’s 5km record in an astonishingly fast time of 16:36 on Friday night at the Lancaster 5km event.

Members competed in the Elswick 10 miler with Chris Reid placing as 1st veteran 55 in an impressive time of 55 minutes. He was followed to the finish by Les Abbott and Alex Abbott to achieve a team prize.

Finally this week, in between the excitement of Iron Man and Thunder Run, new member Colette Flaherty has been quietly completing 7 marathons in 7 days as part of the Scorcher Run festival – that’s an incredible 184 miles in one week. An outstanding achievement especially as she finished in third place overall and 3rd female. This represents determination at its best and finished off a week of extreme challenges for our members.

Thunder Run team Speed Queens
Thunder Run team Speed Queens

Paul Booth proudly showing off his Iron Man medal with girlfriend Nicola Doyle
Paul Booth proudly showing off his Iron Man medal with girlfriend Nicola Doyle

Colette Flaherty crosses the finish line of her 7th and final marathon of the week
Colette Flaherty crosses the finish line of her 7th and final marathon of the week

Chris Reid, Les Abbott and Alex Abbott were a successful team at the Elswick 10 mile raceNe
Chris Reid, Les Abbott and Alex Abbott were a successful team at the Elswick 10 mile race

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Race Results – 7th & 8th July 2018

Striders Rampant in Grind 5 Miler

In its third year running the Isabella Rose running club; with supporters and entrants, put on what was a superbly well organised 5 miler event. The volunteer marshals lined the route making for a positively delightful morning. The Striders could not have asked for more; with Kelly Hamilton leading the ladies home for the second year running! She was swiftly followed by Emma Callery and Lisa Cheers; making it a 1,2,3 for the Strider lasses! Jon-Jo Doherty defiantly defended the trophy-winning in 28 minutes flat.

Lisa Cheers, Kelly Hamilton, Adam Westhead and Emma Callery
Pictured from left to right: Lisa Cheers, Kelly Hamilton, Adam Westhead and Emma Callery

Jon-Jo Doherty making a Successful Defence
Jon-Jo Doherty making a Successful Defence

There were also stand out performances from 5th place Daniel Cheetham; PB 29:26. Shaun Phoenix 31.29; Peter Teeling 38:47. Sarah Bowles in her first ever outing for the club 42:28. Zoe Fillingham 48:46. And sister act Laura Edmundson 59:56 and Nicola Edmundson 1:01:20, fought each other home respectively. Gillian Kelly felt the heat but battled home bravely in 1:06:00 with many other Strider athletes involved.

Daniel Cheetham impressing with a new Personal Best, and 5th place finish.
Daniel Cheetham impressing with a new Personal Best, and
5th place finish.

The Isabella Rose Foundation was supported by Violet-Grace’s Gift; and together the two charities hope to raise even more awareness. Adam Westhead from Qualitas Kitchens backed the event and prizes included £100 gift vouchers for both winners! Adam also presided over a tantalisingly tasteful barbecue before the kids race ensued. The event was truly epic!

Kids Race: Start them young. Ready, steady...
Kids Race: Start them young. Ready, steady…

Nicola Donovan asserted herself yet again at the Forest Park Ladies 5k, with a new found PB effort of 26:48: Kelly Hamilton secured 3rd place in Forest park and the Strider ladies secured 1st and second team prizes. Brenda Cahill avidly protected her new found form; and in the Tatton Park 10k, she finished in 53:36. Mark Riley supported by his wife Kerry narrowly missed out on a podium finish in the Barrowdale Trail 13k. And in the ‘We love Manchester 10k’, representing the Striders in fine rhythmic fashion, Lynda Butchard achieved 1hr 7mins flat.

'The Lovely Lynda Butchard in the 'We Love Manchester 10k'
‘The Lovely Lynda Butchard in the ‘We Love Manchester 10k’

The Tour of Merseyside takes place over the course of one week, and encapsulates 6 races and covers 52 miles. Rachel Tickle, Katie Taggart, Colin Wilson, and Pete Medlicott courageously completed the course.

Mission Accomplished for the Striders and their Tour of Merseyside
Mission Accomplished for the Striders and their Tour of Merseyside

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Ironman Seville shows nerves of steel

Race Results – 30th June and 1st July 2018

Yesterday, in Austria, Strider Richard Seville became an Ironman. In order to complete this gruelling race he needed to complete a 2.4 mile swim in open water, cycle 112 miles then to finish, run a marathon and all in under 17 hours. Seville showed his class as an athlete by finishing in an impressive 10 hours 40 minutes. Achievements such as these take a great deal of dedication and Seville certainly put the effort in with his rigorous training plan. He described the final stage, the marathon, as being particularly tough as temperatures were so high.

High temperatures were also a feature in all of this weekend’s UK races. Peter Teeling described conditions as ‘horrendous’ in the Southport half-marathon on Sunday which was completed by 15 Striders. Scott Robertson was first Strider to finish in an impressive 1:28:38. He was followed by Martin Ballard at 1:37:17 and Anthony Ellis smashing a personal best time of 1:38:26. First female Strider speeding past the line was Hannah Whittaker in 1:40:20 with Wendy Davies following her in 1:47:59. Shelley Hughes was delighted to complete her very first half-marathon with an excellent time of 2:12:49.

Another popular race this weekend was the Alderley Edge 10k. The ever speedy Jon-Jo Doherty finished in 11th place in a time of 35:39 followed by Ian Wright in 43:47. Ann Johnson was the first Strider lady to finish in 49:53. Kevin Brennan and Sian Maguire were out in the fields competing in the Warrington Running Club Summer 5 Mile Trail. Brennan finished in 35:03 with Maguire following at 45:54.

Richard Seville - Iron man
Richard Seville – Iron man

Striders at the very sunny Southport half-marathon
Striders at the very sunny Southport half-marathon

Shelley Hughes proudly wearing her first half-marathon medal
Shelley Hughes proudly wearing her first half-marathon medal

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Race Results – 9th & 10th June 2018

Donovan Delights in Birkenhead 5 Miler

Nicola Donovan


The St Helens Striders turned out en masse for round 4 of ‘The Team Grand Prix’
The event last Wednesday evening took place in sizzling temperatures. Heroic efforts were made, and ‘the five miles felt like 50’, according to Nicola Donovan; who gained herself a new personal best! All concerned thoroughly enjoyed the team camaraderie. Kylie Maguire, Strider ‘race coordinator’, has encouraged even greater numbers for round 5 and the Penny Lane 10k in Liverpool. In Chorley on the same evening Nicola Howarth produced a determined effort in Race 2 of the Astley Park series covering 4.2 miles in 40:47.

Primed and Ready to go Before Birkenhead 5 miler


Elsewhere Kevin Brennan and David Navis combatted ‘Henderson’s End Fell Race’, that saw extraordinary stamina and mental discipline as they pushed 7.5 miles and 14000ft of ascent. Navis amazingly had already taken part in the Birkenhead 5 miler the previous day!

Fearless Kevin Brennan


In the 25km (16 miles) ‘Keswick Mountain Festival’: Claire Lyndsay, Elizabeth Phillipson, Darren Eccles, Rebecca McKenna and David Briscoe all deserve a special mention, for their tenacity in tackling such ferocious hills.

Striders on Tour in the Keswick mountains


Sarah Cameron finished 1st lady (10th overall) in the South Downs Way 100 miler. In an unbelievable 18 hours 14 mins and 38 seconds. When asked how one accomplished such a feat, she said ‘I just took it from aid station to aid station and didn’t think about the bigger picture’. And with it yet another club record, from the Strider marvel living overseas!

Sarah Cameron pictured on the right with her Super pacer Sarah Sawyer


Representing the Striders further afield

Anthony Ellis Faelledparken parkrun, in Copenhagen.

Correspondent: Jon-Jo Doherty

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