Meet the coaches


Ian Wright


Run Leader since 2012 and Coach since 2016


Ian has been running since he was a teenager but only started to really enjoy it and start competing when he joined Striders in January 2012. Typically he leads and coaches group A and B and his favourite sessions are interval sessions, especially when he receive positive feedback from runners who tell him they wouldn’t have thought working so hard was so much fun.

Rachael Fairclough


Run Leader since 2012 and Coach since 2016


Rachael started running in 2004 when she was at University as she had spent too much time drinking and eating! She entered her first half marathon which was the Great North Run, in 2006 and joined the club shortly afterwards as she wanted to keep up training now that she had moved back to the area. Her favourite club session has always been Indian File – “it’s a great session which combines both a decent length run and also some efforts!” She usually coaches A group.

Joanne Jackson


Run leader since 2013 and Coach since 2017


Joanne started running in the year 2000, pretty much on her own for 8 years before joining striders. Her favourite session is anything long and on the trails, and pyramid sessions for speed work. She trains with and leads group B2.

Alex Abbott


Coach since 2017