Chris Reid

Chris started running in 2006. His favourite session is the long runs and out and backs.





















Richard Seville

Richard running in 2010 after a corporate running competition at work. He trained on his own for 6 years and then joined Striders in 2016. His favourite session is pyramid intervals. He trains with and leads group A.















Les Abbott

Les started running 1994 and joined St Helen Striders the same year. He is a run leader for both A and B groups. His favourite session is Indian file along the Rainford bypass.





















Tony Padmore

Tony has been running since about 2009/10. Tonys favourite session is Victoria Park Hills. Tony generally leads either group B1 or B2.









Louise Padmore

Louise has been running since about 2009/10. Louises favourite session is Croppers Hill. Louise generally leads Group C.









Scott Robertson

Scott started running in 2008 after being challenged to run a Half Marathon by some school friends. He joined Striders 3 years ago when Ian Wright recommended it to him and he has not looked back since. He tend to train mostly with A Group and enjoys a tough hill session.






















Mike Brunt

Mike started jogging in 2010. You will recognise him as he is always smiling (on the inside)! He is a great motivator and definitely a people person. He generally takes group C and also organises the Owl runs in the winter (lots of trails and mud). He always tries to add to the Strider social calendar and he does his best to be ultra inclusive to all.












Frank McAllister

Frank started running aged 12 until 17 at Liverpool. He then gave up running until he was 25 and has been with the Strider’s for 35 years. His favourite session is a hill session preferably on grass or off road – “you get a brill workout.” He also likes fartlek sessions and loves being with C group.



















Charlotte Ward

Charlotte started running in 2010 with the aim of losing weight! She joined Striders in the summer and ran her first half marathon in the October. She has run with all the groups over the years and is currently with group C which is helping her to gradually regain her fitness. Her favourite training session is Paulauf relay – “good fun and suitable for all!”














Ian Floyd

Ian started running to get fitter and to lose weight. He joined the club in April 2017 and completed the Run Leader Course in September 2017.  His favourite sessions are hills and Indian File. Her currently runs with group B2.


















Kylie McGuire

After Kylie left university she joined the gym to lose weight and ran a little bit on the treadmill.  She did the race for life 5k in 2012 but still only ran on the treadmill and outside occasionally on a dry and warm day, but in 2013 she entered the first Wigan 10k.  After that she was hooked and joined Striders in 2014! She enjoys any sort of repetition session like mile efforts, out and backs or track sessions and always a cross country session for the mud and hills!












Kelly Hamilton

Kelly joined the Striders in October 2016, which was 6 months after the birth of her second child.  A friend of hers was already a member of the club and she came to her first session under her friends wing.  Her reason for joining Striders at that time was to get fit after pregnancy. She saw big improvements in her running fitness over a short space of time and has competed in races on the road, track and cross country.  She qualified as a run leader in September 2017. Her favourite sessions are track and Indian File.















Gemma Harkness

Gemma has been running on and off since 2002, always enjoying being outdoors. She became a Run Leader in 2005/6, where she set up numerous beginner running groups through her work in Sports Development.  She joined Striders in September 2015, which was when her real love for running started. Since being a member, she ran her first half marathon (and has now done 6), plus her first marathon!














Ian Wright

Run Leader since 2012 and Coach since 2016

Ian has been running since he was a teenager but only started to really enjoy it and start competing when he joined Striders in January 2012. Typically he leads and coaches group A and B and his favourite sessions are interval sessions, especially when he receive positive feedback from runners who tell him they wouldn’t have thought working so hard was so much fun.


















Rachael Fairclough

Run Leader since 2012 and Coach since 2016

Rachael started running in 2004 when she was at University as she had spent too much time drinking and eating! She entered her first half marathon which was the Great North Run, in 2006 and joined the club shortly afterwards as she wanted to keep up training now that she had moved back to the area. Her favourite club session has always been Indian File – “it’s a great session which combines both a decent length run and also some efforts!” She usually coaches A group.

















Joanne Jackson

Run leader since 2013 and Coach since 2017

Joanne started running in the year 2000, pretty much on her own for 8 years before joining striders. Her favourite session is anything long and on the trails, and pyramid sessions for speed work. She trains with and leads group B2.

















Alex Abbott

Coach since 2017



















Kevin Outten

I started running again in 2013 after an absence of 25 years and joined Striders not long after. Since then I have build up my fitness with the help of the club sessions and have progressed running 5ks to marathons and ultras. My favourite session in tempo run.


























Rachel Tickle

I started running in 2014 joined Striders in 2015. I run with B2 and my favourite session is Indian File and pyramid session.



















Jackie Dobson

Jackie has been running since April 2014, and joined Striders later that year.
Jackie feels running gives her the right balance of, fitness, mindset, helping to keep her weight down, & the social aspect.
Her favourite sessions are- Indian file, muster run & trail (in the spring/summer)
As races go the furthest she’s done is a 10 miler.
She would like to do a half marathon & maybe even a full one, but as long as she stays injury free she’ll be happy just doing the parkrun each week & a few 10ks






















Paul Dowdle

Paul started running regularly in 2015 to improve my fitness and keep active.
He joined Striders in December 2015 and saw big improvements in his running in 2016 by following the coaches plans and listening to the run leaders and other runners.
His favourite session is any where you get to run up and down hills for a bit!
He would also highly recommend giving the cross country training and races in the winter a go.